Prototal qualified as new member of HP Digital Manufacturing Network

Prototal has been confirmed as a new member of the HP Digital Manufacturing Network (DMN), a global community of HP production partners to help design, produce, and deliver both plastic and metal parts at scale leveraging HP 3D printing solutions. 

As a pioneer and leader of 3D printing plastic parts for both prototyping and serial production, Prototal has a deep additive manufacturing heritage. With extensive capacity via its fleet of HP Jet Fusion 3D printers, Prototal is equipped to help companies throughout Europe speed the development of new products, shorten time to market and scale final parts production.

“Our experience leveraging HP’s industrial Multi Jet Fusion technology combined with a proven manufacturing environment will enable our customers to produce high quality parts at scale,” said Henrik Lundell, CEO of Prototal. “We are excited to take this next step toward helping our customers on their digital manufacturing journey. We are proud that Prototal has been fully qualified by HP and recognized for the excellence of our 3D printing production and quality processes.”

Members of the HP Digital Manufacturing Network possess high levels of advanced additive manufacturing expertise, robust quality management and end-to-end manufacturing processes, and a proven capability for volume job production.

“Our customers have been strong advocates for the advantage of HP Multi Jet Fusion as a production method,” said Jonas Sandwall, Marketing Manager for Prototal. “As a DMN partner, we intend to offer expanded materials and advanced capabilities for our customers as they look to develop new applications and market opportunities. This fits well with our philosophy of offering the highest quality, most reliable manufacturing production process from design through delivery.”