The journey from one part... to a million

I would like to welcome you to PROTOTAL INDUSTRIES.
We work in a rapidly changing, technologically intensive sector, where a lot of interesting things are happening right now.
Both from a sustainability perspective and purely in production terms, we represent an incredibly strong alternative.
Thanks to our know-how and strength.

We look forward to a long and productive partnership.
/Jan Löfving, CEO

An overview of Prototal Industries

  • Northern Europe’s biggest supplier in 3D printing, vacuum casting, aluminium tools and injection moulding
  • Supports industry with quick deliveries of prototypes and functional parts
  • Sales 2021: €70 millions
  • 360 FTEs with head office in Jönköping 
  • Growth via organic expansion and mergers/acquisitions
  • ISO 9001, 14001, 13485, AS9100
  • Established 1999


To be the most flexible and competent partner in the manufacture of polymer components


We give our customers greater competitive edge by reducing time-to-market and their climate footprint

Business concept

Apply our expertise in digital manufacturing processes and polymer materials to selected market sectors

Your partner

Our concept is to offer you in-depth expertise on the choice of material and the optimum manufacturing method. All on the basis of a digital and highly automated production process with short lead times.
Quick, sustainable and reliable.

We offer the right technology for every application

As your partner, we move seamlessly from prototype manufacture to full-scale production.
We follow the life cycle of your product from beginning to end – to then start again from the beginning with the next generation of your product.

Sustainable production = smart logistics

Today, short transport routes and local production are an absolute must if we are to minimise our impact on the environment. Our manufacturing units are located throughout the Nordic region, and manufacturing takes place very near to you.
3D printing as an on-demand manufacturing process for e.g. spare parts is a sustainable alternative.

Sustainability – Think about it. Think in new ways. Think in the right way.

3D printing makes it possible for our customers to adapt their product design in order to use less material and generate less waste. Technology is developing at a heady pace, and we can now also fabricate lighter products.

Reduced quantity of materials and lighter products = More sustainable.

History – Knowledge is a perishable resource

Our collective experience in all our companies extends over a hundred years.
Nevertheless, we can never rest on our laurels.
Quite simply, our success is down to us always implementing new technologies and knowledge.
Experience is of course worth its weight in gold, and that is exactly why we want to make you aware of our experience. 

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