Interview with Claes Arwidson – CAD designer

We learn more about tool manufacturing through a short interview with one of the employees at Prototal AB – Claes Arwidson!  

Hi Claes! What’s your title and area of responsibility at Prototal? 

I work as a CAD designer/tool designer. My main task is to design functional, tools for injection moulding, that meet the customers’ needs, while also minimizing the cost.  

What is CAD? 

The CAD design, which stands for Computer Aided Design, are the foundation for nearly all modern manufacturing processes. CAD systems are widely used in product design, mechanics, electronics, and other fields to create digital designs and models that can be used to produce physical objects. 

What does your work process look like? 

The CAD design itself is the first step in the manufacturing process for an injection molding tool. Sometimes, I get involved at the beginning of a project, where we work with the customer to review the plastic part and provide design feedback. Once all the preparatory work is done, we design the injection molding tool based on existing conditions. When the first test run of the tool is done, we measure and check everything for accuracy. 

What is the most fun versus the biggest challenge of your work? 

The best part of my job is that it’s usually very varying. I get to do different things during the days. Another fun aspect about my job is that I get to interact with customers, which is always a plus. Problem-solving is also a significant aspect of the job, and it’s always satisfying to come up with solutions to complex problems. The biggest challenge in my job is to find solutions for everything and ensure a smooth process throughout the chain, from start to finish. 

Now we have an insight into what a CAD designer/tool designer works with here at Prototal. Claes work is an important part of the work process to the final product and can be one of the kind souls you will meet here with us. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more or have an idea to brainstorm with us! 

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