Bild på ett orange mobilskal från Nudient som en kvinna håller i.

Nudient – Timeless phone cases of high quality

Nudient is a Swedish company founded by three friends from Jönköping who develop and offer mobile covers. Since the start in 2016, the company has grown a lot and today Nudient is a strong and well-established brand in Europe, known for its design in phone cases and mobile accessories. In order to produce both functional and stylish mobile covers, they have enlisted the help of designer Jesper Ståhl, who designed both “Thin Case v3” and the latest concept “Bold Case”.

The Swedish designer Jesper Ståhl is known for his Scandinavian design and object embedding story. Jesper started his company Jesper Design 20 years ago and today his work spans from furniture and lighting to cutlery, tools and accessories.

– My work is about developing the design for the product, to create the shapes and expressions in three dimensions. Everything always starts with a dialogue about opportunities, which then becomes an idea that I design and produce models of, says Jesper Ståhl and continues:

– I have 3D printers in my studio and this is something I use often in my creative process. I have always worked a lot digitally, and then it’s natural to use the latest technology – in both visualization and 3D printing. Usually I work during the day to refine expression and function. Then I let my 3D printers work at night, so that I can evaluate the result the next day and correct what is needed.

Prototal 3D printed mobile covers advertising

One of the companies Jesper works closely with is Nudient. In the creative process, his eye for detail and focus on the user is obvious as well as his precision in the work. That is of course a success factor in the design work with mobile covers.

Jesper Ståhl has worked together with Prototal Industries for several years. He has mainly used our services when a product is to be presented to a third party where the final appearance, surface and finish are extra important. In the process of creating Nudient’s Bold series, we helped to 3D print four mobile covers in two different colors that would be used for an advertising recording.

Designer Jesper Ståhl has designed the shells for Nudient’s concept Bold Case.

– For the commercial recording, we needed models that had the defined colors, as well as the correct surface structure and finish. The production of the mobile shell was not finished and we wanted to use the time wisely, so we needed to find another solution. That’s when we turned to Prototal for help. The design models thus needed to maintain a high quality visually, as well as being functional, says Jesper.

We 3D-printed the four phone cases with the MJF technology, Multi Jet Fusion. MJF offers a finer level of detail and better resolution than corresponding methods using thermoplastics. The level of detail exceeds that of e.g. selective laser sintering. With this method, the phone cases could still retain its precision in the details, but also with the flexibility in the material. In order for the phone cases to have a really good finish, we also polished and varnished them. The right shape, the right tolerances, the right material, the right color and structure, as well as the final assembly of an existing aluminum part – and voliá, the mobile shell was ready for an advertising recording!

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