Period Pack: When you need it, where you need it

Period Pack has established itself on the Swedish market. The goal with the company is that menstrual protection should be as obvious as paper and soap in toilets. Period. Prototal was asked to help with the production of Period Pack. Thanks to our tool philosophy, we were able to deliver a fast result – from idea to reality in just four months.

Amanda Mattson & Lova Svensson started Period Pack as a junior enterprise during their high school years. Today, Period Pack is Sweden’s leading company when it comes to dispensers for menstrual products – and they keep expandning! The business concept arose from an everyday problem that needed a solution. Actually, it was at a hockey game when both Amanda and Lova realized that it was very difficult to get hold of tampons and they asked themselves: Why is there no menstrual protection in toilets? Shouldn´t menstrual protection in toilets be a matter of course?

– This is something that affects half of the world’s population. We thought is was strange. More resources should be put into this, says Amanda Mattsson CEO of Period Pack.

Their aim has been clear from the beginning – to make menstrual protection in toilets a matter of course. The company was founded in 2019, and has since had a great growth. Today, Period Pack consists of six people based in Örebro. The company’s products are set up in workplaces and schools throughout Sweden.

The main focus is still on establishing itself in the Swedish market, but at the same time launches are taking place in other countries around the world, such as Finland and Dubai.

Menstrual protection must be available to everyone

Growing up, Amanda and Lova traveled a lot. It became clear to them that there is a large market and a great need for menstrual protection when it comes to airports, hotels, restaurants etc. Period Pack works to increase the availability of menstrual pads in toilets in places such as work, school and in the public space. The solution? A container with menstrual protection to have in the bathroom. It is purchased by the company, which in turn offers its female employees and visitors free menstrual protection.

However, it has not been an easy journey and at the start of the Period Pack. Not many believed in the business idea at the beginning.

– When we presented the idea to our junior enterprise to the class, we were met with laughter. That’s not really the reaction we had hoped for. Just a couple of years ago, It feels like menstrual protection was a topic that was very taboo. That was just something that was not talked about in public. I think it has gotten better over the years, says Amanda.

The collabortation with Prototal

When it was time for the production, Prototal, together with Mecdon AB and IUSAB, was given the task of helping with the making of the tampon dispenser. With the help of our tool philosophy, where the manufacture of tools is made of aluminum instead of steel, Period Pack was able to get its finished products quickly. From idea to reality and delivery in just four months.

By designing and manufacturing all tools ourselves, we gain control over the entire process from order to delivery. Regardless of whether a single prototype tool is involved or a series production tools. Inhouse manufacturing brings speed and control.

Construction of low-volume tools are adapted for a more automated injection moulding process. The tool is made from aluminium, resulting in rapid and efficient manufacture and allowing investment costs to be kept as low as possible. Parts can be injection-moulded in the tools under production-appropriate conditions. The life time of the tool is up to 100,000 cycles, which covers the service life of a huge number of parts.

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