Prototal Industries’ servers in Jönköping and Götene were subjected to IT intrusion

Prototal Industries’ servers in Jönköping and Götene were subjected to an IT intrusion on Sunday the 5th of September. The IT intrusion was immediately discovered. After contacts with the police experts on cyber attacks, the intrusion was confirmed. An initial investigation, initiated by Prototal with the support of industry experts, show that individual employees’ personal data has been exposed, as well as certain customer data.

The company takes what happened very seriously. A police report has been established and the company has submitted a report to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection in accordance with the GDPR legislation.

  • It is too early to say with full certainty exactly what information the hackers may have come across or who may be behind the intrusion and why. The suspicion that information from the two places in question has fallen into the wrong hands causes us to act forcefully. We always protect the integrity and safety of our employees and customers, says Jan Löfving, CEO of Prototal Industries.

In addition to informing employees and affected customers, the company has taken several security measures to secure the IT enviornment. The company also cooperates with relevant authorities.

  • It’s serious and regrettable that we have been exposed to this. We are keen to do that we can to protect both customers and employees. We have an advanced IT protection system, and we must obtain facts about how this happened to further strenghten the system. It is worrying that it has been possible to make an intrusion, but at the same time I am glad that we, together with the police, caught the attack and were able to quickly take action, says Jan Löfving.

The company will ensure that each of you receives support in the further handling of security experts provided by Prototal Industries.

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