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For more than 25 years, Prototal Damvig, which is part of Prototal Industries, has helped major companies in Denmark and other countries with innovative development of advanced 3D-printed parts.

We have continuously invested in state-of-the-art technology, and we have access to the industry’s most advanced production equipment. The combination of new technology and updated know-how enables us to develop new application areas and find technical solutions that widen the possibilities within additive manufacturing.

Customers include a number of Denmark’s largest firms, but entrepreneurs, start-ups and public authorities also benefit from the competences, technology and advice offered by Prototal Damvig.

We know everything that is worth knowing about 3D printing.

Quality – We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality results – every time!

Integrity – We show the utmost respect for the customer’s work – and we treat EVERYTHING with confidentiality.

Efficiency – Our procedures speed up the process, to the advantage of the customer.

Responsiveness – The distance from idea to action and value-creating results is short.

Flexibility – We have high capacity, flexibility and adaptability – we respond rapidly and meet individual customer requirements efficiently.

Passion – Our employees are always passionate about their work, and we love 3D printing.

One solution partner

Prototal Damvig provides high-quality objects with the right finish within serial production, prototypes, models and tools.

Our solid expertise means that we are involved at all stages – from the initial discussions to development and manufacturing. That makes it easy for our customers rapidly to achieve useful results – irrespective of whether we are talking development, prototypes or serial production. We make scaling flexible.

We have customers within all industries, and every day our committed and experienced employees ensure that customers’ ideas are realised. We have a reputation for close professional sparring, short delivery times, high quality, confidentiality and precision in our work.


We manufacture precise prototypes with the right finish, allowing customers to add the last touches to their end-products. Along the way, we provide the necessary sparring to ensure perfect results, and our short delivery times mean that unnecessary wait time is eliminated.


3D print production, also known as additive manufacturing, is ideal for complex objects and small quantities.

In many ways, additive manufacturing is an excellent production method. In a normal production environment, complex objects are often very time-consuming and costly to produce. The more details there are and the more complex the object is, the more difficult it is to make. Furthermore, it is generally expensive to manufacture objects in small quantities.

3D print production/additive manufacturing is one of the best production methods for objects which are smaller than 10cm3 if they are highly complex and are produced in small quantities. However, it is not easy to know whether 3D printing of the end-product or traditional manufacturing is the best solution. 

When you contact us with a wish, we always provide the best advice and support. Our experienced staff will assess whether 3D printing is the optimum solution for the object in question.

Many Danish companies already use 3D printing or additive manufacturing, especially firms within the industrial sector. 3D printing provides new opportunities so that companies can reduce costs and boost product development. And at Prototal Damvig we deliver orders rapidly and reliably.

Customer case - 3D printing gave designers freedom, speed, quality and a minimum of waste

Can small fashion businesses benefit from 3D printing? The answer is yes. The Danish eyewear firm Monoqool has been designing and manufacturing 3D-printed eyewear in cooperation with Prototal Damvig for almost 10 years. 

Monoqool became aware of the advantages of 3D printing by pure chance: it started with an urgent task for a fashion fair in Paris in 2012. Monoqool needed to develop a new collection for rapid presentation on the market. 

Customer case: VEO – Wireless football recordings

Prototal Damvig delivers time to market on the football pitch

Enhanced global competition, shorter product cycles and disruptive technological quantum leaps all put added pressure on firms as regards time to market: you have to be increasingly innovative and constantly deliver new solutions. Read about an innovative Danish product with a large global potential which Damvig helped to develop at record speed.

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