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Prototal GTP is Scandinavia’s largest service agency in the field of additive manufacturing of prototypes and series production of up to several thousand parts. Prototal GTP has 14 employees and was established in 1996. Prototal GTP has been part of Prototal Industries since 2017.

One solution partner

We work mainly with SLS technology inhouse, together with subsequent processing of the SLS parts produced.

In addition, we have a full finishing department which is expert in everything from basic finish to the most advanced surface finishing technologies, including printing and graphics. We offer the entire range of the Prototal Industries, such as SLA, FDM, MJF, PolyJet and vacuum casting. We have also worked for many years with e.g. metal casting to produce metal prototypes with short lead times or small series production runs.


Prototypes for functional testing, CAD verification, trade fairs, meetings, etc., continue to be our biggest market. We offer prototypes manufactured with SLS, SLA, MJF, FDM and PolyJet technologies.

We also undertake the majority of post-processing treatments, such as dying, barrel polishing and lacquering to various quality levels.

We are well-known for our excellent quality and delivery reliability. Together with the customer, we discuss all aspects of the prototype solution so as to best achieve the desired result.

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The demand for series production involving additive manufacturing is constantly increasing. We have the largest SLS capacity in Northern Europe and can produce series involving several thousand parts at short notice. We keep constantly abreast of new items that appear on the market in terms of machines, materials, processing, etc., so that we can meet the stringent requirements implicit in production. We have cutting-edge technology for production and post-processing of SLS parts involving various types of sanding, barrel polishing and dying in the RAL code of the customer’s choice. We can also help to some degree with assembly, labelling and packaging. 

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Freeform models in healthcare

We have long-standing know-how in manufacturing models for healthcare, generated by the hospital’s X-ray equipment. E.g. a skull that can be used for planning and as an aid prior to an operation.

Data from the patient’s CT scan is converted to an STL file with the aid of special software.

The model is then created in the equipment using the technology best suited in the case in question.

The business idea from the start has been to maintain the best possible levels of service and keep lead times extremely short.

– An order is taken care of immediately and delivery of the model can be within two or three days.

3D printing copes with hundreds of horsepower

When exclusive sports and F1 car makers use 3D printing as a production method, this is of course a fine feather in our hat for us at Prototal. We share the same goals: Develop and produce each part so that it is as light as possible, without sacrificing durability and quality. Every gram counts.

Customer case – Anatomic Studios

A whole new dimension in prosthetics!

At Anatomic Studios, they saw more or less immediately that this was a product made for 3D printing. Total freedom in principle in terms of the design of patterns and skin, with no extra costs for complex geometries. The possibilities of additive manufacturing are exploited pretty much to the full.

Dependable, reliable supplier

By focusing on extremely high levels of service, quotes within an hour or so, and short lead times, we see ourselves as a dependable, reliable supplier of prototypes and low-volume series. As proof of this, around 600 customers a year have us participate in their projects.


ISO 9001 , ISO 14001

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Vacuum casting


Injection moulding 25-100T


Injection moulding 110-525T

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