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At Prototal PDS in Götene, we offer volume production of injection-moulded plastic parts
using associated technologies, such as 2K, IML, welding, printing and assembly.

No customer is very far from Götene

We are a turnkey supplier in the plastics industry. In addition to conventional injection moulding, we have extensive know-how in several associated technologies which are implemented in our production. Our products feature extensive technical content and sustainable production with efficient production flow.

One solution partner since 1955

Our manufacturing unit in Götene has an area of more than 9,000m2, which is tailored for injection moulding in high volumes with optimised flow. We have 43 injection moulding machines with dimensions from 25 tonnes to 575 tonnes and a headcount of 55 employees.
The company is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Several possible production technologies

Insert moulding: We injection mould products where we cast plastic around metal. This requires extreme precision where robots place the metal part in the injection moulding tool.

Assembly and packaging: We undertake post-assembly and further processing of the parts.

IML technology:
 A decorative label is placed in the tool and cast into the plastic part; after injection moulding the label is an integrated part of the final product. As an alternative to paint and print, this method allows the option of decoration with a motif of the customer’s choosing.

Two-component (2K) injection moulding: The quantity of parts determines the choice of manual or proper double injection moulding. Soft, ergonomic grip surfaces and sealing surfaces are a couple of the most common applications of this method. We are happy to provide advice on the choice of suitable plastic materials for best adhesion.

Ultrasonic welding: Choice of thermoplastic, geometry and design of energy inverter are some of the factors that affect the welded end result. A correctly executed weld results in a join that is stronger than the surrounding material. 

Print on injection-moulded parts: Print can be obtained on parts using several technologies: laser printing, hot embossing and tampon printing.

Broad customer segment

We have an extensive portfolio of customers in various industries, such as electronics, consumer products, sanitary items, the automotive industry, medicine, white goods and the offshore industry.

Customer case – Hugo Cartridge TM

The Hugo Cartridge is packaging specially developed for lubricating grease. The grease cartridge is manufactured in a standard size for 400g grease guns, but can also be used in some 500g grease guns.

The injection-moulded grease cartridge ensures consistent quality with uniform wall thickness and high stability, as well as a surface that is suitable for screen printing. The grease gun’s bottom has an inner seal which locks with the bottom cover to give an optimum seal. The outer edge seals tight in a grease gun and prevents the cartridges from slipping during use.

The Hugo Cartridge is made from PP

Customer case – Komprimo

Komprimo is a product that compresses domestic waste, thereby reducing its volume. This means reduced transport requirements throughout the disposal chain and less volume to handle.
An environmentally friendly product which we manufactured in the same eco-friendly way.

Dependable, reliable supplier

ISO 9001 , ISO 14001

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